Here comes project 1…

September 30, 2010

Here you go, folks– have a look at the very smart projects your friends and colleagues completed for round 1.  Pretty impressive, huh?

Katie A – Prezi on Digital Natives

Amanda- FB Group – Digital Natives

Shannon- Blog on textual active online identities

Abby – VuVox on Audience

Keyla C – Prezi on Remediation

Ramona- Prezi on Rhetoric

Eliot- Negroponte YouTube video

Lauren- Prezi on Interpretation

Lentaya- Digitization Powerpoint

Tara- Digital poster on 5 Canons of Rhetoric

Christianna- Vuvox on The Rhetorical Situation (in the kitchen)

Chelsea- VuVox on Convergence

Kayla M- Rhetorical Situation blog

Katie M- VuVox on Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Amelia- digital collage on The Power of Rhetorical Constraints

Stephanie- Youtube video on Kress’ Definition of Reading

Morgan- video on Rhetorical Situation (as a football game)

Michelle- 5 canons board game

Claire- blog about Girl Talk as Convergence

Kevin- Digital Natives blog

James- Digitized Rohrschach Blots

Walt- Prezi on Social Identity


Yancey & the “New” Major

September 22, 2010

Here are our notes from this morning’s discussion of Yancey’s “Composition in a New Key” (click the image to enlarge it)– and here’s a link in case you want some more information on EWM…


and here is the “Academic Map” from Undergraduate Studies

Notes taken on Yancey reading

What do we know?

September 9, 2010

As promised, a blog post to summarize and synthesize what we’ve covered so far. So, in 200-300 words: what do you feel that you can intelligently say about writing and editing in print and online?


September 8, 2010

Since we had so many, I figured it might be easier to post the anti-advertisements as a slideshow.  Feel free to leave comments for your classmates telling them what you thought of their anti-ads…and be sure to let me know if any are missing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Multimodal Sample Projects

September 2, 2010

Hey folks, since we didn’t have time to check out any student sample projects today in class, I figured I’d post links to a few on here.  The options are pretty open, so you’ll notice the projects can be very different from each other.

The Rhetorical Situation- this student decided to make a video to explain Bitzer to new WEPO students:

Here’s one that used all of the key terms from WEPO (it was a final project) to create a crossword puzzle:

and finally, here is a blog (with video, slideshow, etc) about Psychobilly music– obviously this one isn’t on a keyword, but it does give you an idea of how modes and media can match in interesting ways…

Psychovision Blog

* Keep in mind that there are many more options than are represented here and that you are welcome to use any constellation (a combination of mode and medium) that suits your purpose and audience!

Wordling our Key Terms

September 1, 2010

Today in class we grouped up into fours and shared our key terms for the first 5 readings (Bitzer, Covino & Jolliffe, Negroponte, Palfrey & Gasser, and Kress).  After combining terms, we created wordles– and here they are.  Take a moment to click on each one and notice teh differences between the terms that show up– and their relative size (remember that word size is a function of how many times the word is repeated in the list)…