…and just in time for portfolios, too. Beneath you’ll find a link to the photos that we’ve accumulated over the semester– of specific projects, of our notes and maps, and of the hustle & bustle as we prepped for the National Day on Writing.
Feel free to use the photos in your portfolios– but do be courteous: if it’s a picture of something an individual or small group put together, please ask their permission to use it.

Our (untagged, unorganized) Flickr Photostream


Sample Portfolios

November 8, 2010

Here are the sample portfolios that we looked at in class today. In addition, you’ll find a .doc for download with some notes on the Yancey reading and a section to help you connect that to this project.

Portfolio-Guiding Notes.doc

David Kennedy’s writing portfolio

Jon Michael Anzalone’s writing portfolio

Laura Davis writing portfolio

Student Writing Portfolio (pdf of commented on Microsoft Word doc)

Juliana Arazi’s writing portfolio